I Listen When I Hear The Wake Words

by Kevin Burton     Ladies, those Facebook messages about men not listening, pah-LEEZ!    Completely ridiculous.  C’mon.    It amazes me that I would have to tell you something like this.    There is nothing wrong with men’s ears, other than maybe excess hair.  Men as a whole, listen more or less as well as […]

Be Like VanVleet, Bet On Yourself

by Kevin Burton    Thanks God for Fred VanVleet.    The timing of his new contract with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors allows me to wrap up the previous era of Wichita State basketball on a sunny note.    On Saturday VanVleet signed a four-year $85 m8illion dollar deal to stay with Toronto. A handful of […]

Hall Of Fame Arguments Always Fun

by Kevin Burton    Came across one of those Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub articles recently. You know, the kind that argues such and such a band should be in.    The various sports have these arguments too about their halls. These are always fun, lead to lively discussions.     This one was […]

Thanksgiving Starts With Three Words

by Kevin Burton    “Access, communication, mercy.”    Those are three words written in blue ink across the top of a page I look at while doing devotionals most mornings.    Access, communication, mercy.    The page has other words written in black ink.  They were written at a different time and from a different […]

Furry-ous Cat Demands Election Recount

by Kevin Burton    The people of 55th Street have spoken according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and they have opted for change.    Call me a contrarian or what you will, but I have a few questions.      On 55th Street in Oakland, the people got more than a little fed up with the […]

Marshall Gets Millions Despite Abuses

by Kevin Burton    Gregg Marshall, the coach who took Wichita State to the Final Four in 2013, was forced to resign Tuesday amid allegations he punched a former player, choked a former assistant, and used racial slurs as part of a pattern of verbal abuse against players and athletic department staff.        For […]

All Good Things And The Album Challenge

by Kevin Burton    In June a friend challenged me to name ten albums that influenced me when I was younger. He challenged others too.    All he asked was that we name the album and post the cover art.  That surface approach of course, is not my style.    I determined that the unexamined […]

Here’s To Your Health Pepperheads!

by Kevin Burton    OK, here we go, here’s some news I can use!    People who consume chili pepper may live longer and may have a significantly reduced risk of dying of heart disease or cancer, according to preliminary research conducted by the Cleveland Clinic.    As we used to say in high school, […]

Saying Good-bye To My Little Girl

by Kevin Burton    (This is the fifth of a five-part series about a good friend, my cat Mex.)    My favorite afghan was also my cat’s favorite. Give us a lazy NFL Sunday, a recliner, maybe a snack, and that’s what’s for Sunday.     You could count on it, me and Mex sleeping through […]

NBBA Board Wants To Play Ball In 2021

by Kevin Burton    The governing body of beep baseball on Saturday put the sport on a course to return to playing in 2021.    All sports have had some level of interruption this year because of the Coronavirus.  For the National Beep Baseball Association, it meant not playing a world series for the first […]