For Raitt The Main Ingredient Is Blues

by Kevin Burton    An unexpected gift I received in the early 90s keeps on giving to this day.     My friend Sarah gave me a Bonnie Raitt cassette for no occasion or reason I know of.  I’m very happy she did. It’s unlikely I would have become so familiar with Raitt’s work otherwise.    […]

Game 1, Royals-Reds, 70-Something Series

by Kevin Burton     The World Series seemed exotic when I was young.    It was the only time that American League teams could play National League teams in games that mattered.    In those days the Reds were the home team. The Royals were like a breath of fresh air. They were the team […]

Preparing Your Heart For True Worship

by Dane Massey      (Dane Massey is the former Pastor of Mulvane Christian Church. He is now in ministry in Houston, Texas.)       “Worship will be the missing jewel of the church in the coming century,” predicted pastor and author A.W. Tozer. “The church will move to deify man and humanize God and therefore remove […]

Reds, Royals Meet In 70s Dream Series

by Kevin Burton    It’s baseball playoff time as I am sure you have noticed.      I mentioned in August how my two favorite teams came within one run of meeting in the 1976 World Series (“Trying To Get The Baseball Feeling Again,” Aug. 30) and haven’t come close to meeting since.    My […]

This Possum Was A Squatter In My Yard

by Kevin Burton    So there’s possum poop in my back yard.     A million forays into that good forest would not have netted me this information.  A guy who came to spray for bugs told me about it.    And I’m sure it’s true. I know he is knowledgeable and professional because he called […]

Fictional Band, Great Music For Real

by Kevin Burton    Take a look at your record collection, then do the math.    For every act that got that major recording contract, got their tunes onto the radio and into your heart, thousands of others wanted to, to varying degrees tried to, but did not.     I alas, am in that letter […]

NIB Agency Gets Heavy Fine For Fraud

by Kevin Burton    A non-profit agency established to provide employment for the blind paid a fine of more than $1.9 million amidst claims it defrauded the federal government, according to published reports.    Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired, located in Milwaukee, bought millions of dollars worth of products from Asia and sold […]

Arends Sings Of A Real God, Real Life

by Kevin Burton    Anything Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” evokes, high hopes, lost youth, regrets, the poetry of the everyday, Carolyn Arends matches with her song “Seize The Day.”    And, with “Seize The Day,” instead of forgetting about life for a while, you come away with encouragement to make things better.    The fact […]

Prayer, The Christian’s Weapon Of War

by Dane Massey    (Dane Massey is the former Pastor of Mulvane Christian Church. He is now in ministry in Houston, Texas.)      Matthew Henry said it best, “When God intends to bless His people the first thing He does is set them a-praying.”      Prayer. Intercessory prayer. Our Father desires it, our Savior deserves […]