Quibbles And Bits: Shame On Starbucks?

by Kevin Burton

   Got some things to say. Don’t want to make a federal, 700-word case of them, just want to have my say as they say in England.

   Just some things I need to get off my chest.

    I’ll call them Quibbles And Bits. I’ll serve them up on Page 7 every now and then. Ready?

   Attended an event put on by the Joni and Friends organization Thursday night.  They are trying to get Wichita churches to get together to reach out with the gospel message to people with disabilities. 

   My wife and I went even though we aren’t church leaders because I am legally blind and we like what Joni and Friend is doing.  Who knows, I may have more to say about that later.

   For now though, this: The guy who ran the event said his son calls Chic-Fil-A, “Jesus Chicken.”  Gotta love that!…..

   So my wife likes Starbucks. Correction, I like Starbucks, she loves Starbucks.

    The other day I grabbed two $10 Starbucks gift cards along with some other stuff at Dollar General.  I thought the tab was maybe too high after I checked out at the register. Later I found out why.

   The Starbucks gift cards have a large $10 sign on the front and next to it a tiny x4 sign. There were four cards inside each little gift card cardboard pocket. In other words I thought I was buying us $20 worth of overpriced coffee and ended up with $80. 

  So shame on me for not being more observant. And I could have looked at my sale receipt right away. But shame on Starbucks I say.  I wonder what Consumer Reports will say about that. I find that packaging deceptive and the company dishonest.

   It’s not Jesus coffee, that’s for sure……

   My cat Ronnie would make a good linebacker if she had thumbs. She’s big enough.  She positions herself strategically in a room or hallway so that the human can’t get around her without noticing her, and perhaps getting the notion to open up that can of Fancy Feast. She’s always in position to make the tackle. 

   That’s kind of cute, except she does it in the stairway too.  That’s a recipe for disaster. So Jeannette and I are going to try dumping/spraying water on her when she blocks the stairs.  We’ll see if she gets the hint……

   Speaking of Ronnie, there is a certain door at church, that when I open it slowly, makes a sound almost like Ronnie whining for food.  Made me do a double-take the other day…..

   It’s hotter than blazes even before July in Central Kansas, and Jeannette wants me to help her with the yard work.  I have explained to her that the Lord has all those trees and bushes right where he wants them. Who am I to re-arrange them? 

   Love it when I say something so ridiculous that it leaves her momentarily speechless……

   My other cat Gabbie usually sits in my lap when I do my Bible studies in the morning.  When I get finished and try to leave to move on to other activities, she tries to keep at least one foot on my leg, just as a base runner would trying to keep one foot on first base.

   “I’m safe Daddy,” she’s saying…..

   We watch so little television when it’s not football season that I am in danger of forgetting which one of the dozens of remotes we have is the one I’m supposed to use to turn the thing on. 

   We watched part of the NBA Draft Thursday, but I found it easier to listen to it on ESPN Radio via Alexa. 

   You tell me. If you didn’t have sound or graphics for the televised NBA draft, what would you think you were watching?  Maybe a spoof of a fashion show?……….

   The refrigerator that the stork brought us sprung a leak when our plumber hooked up the ice maker and water dispenser. Seems the manufacturer, failed to connect everything properly.  They are coming to fix that soon.  Until then I will make ice in those little trays the way I have for half a century.  That’s not a hardship for me.

   Maybe I will leave ice on demand for Jeannette, and continue making ice the old-fashioned way even after the fridge is fixed, just to be old-school.

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