Happy Birthday Mexico, Please Read This!

by Kevin Burton

   Hello Mexico, are you there?

   Are you listening? Happy birthday!

   Yes, I know I’m just a shade early. Tomorrow is Independence Day in Mexico.

   Viva Mexico! You’re 211 years young.

   Just one question though: what does a respectable, kind-of-bilingual, ex ex-pat blogger have to do to get a little attention down there?

   The list of countries that have at least one view on Page 7, at least one person who tuned in at least once, grows on a fairly regular basis. But Mexico, never. Not one.

   Fifty-seven. I have heard from 57 countries, 58 if you count my own.

   Ecuador, yes, Finland, yes, Israel, yes.

   Russia, si, Kenya, si Canada, oui.

   Mexico, no.  

   Looking for Mexico on my list of views by country is like looking for Mexico on the list of Olympic medal winners. But on that list Mexico usually shows up, somewhere, eventually.

   Sorry, that was a cheap shot. But come on!

   I should be getting some love from Mexico. You know I’ve got some credentials. I am a bona fide sort of Mexican half citizen, or something.

    Here I make my case. And this is just a partial list of qualifications.

   I provided English language instruction, and not a little comic relief, at one of your finest language schools, Interlingua, for parts of two years in the late 1980s in Puebla.  I was dedicated enough to my new-found craft to keep my regular evening teaching hours one fateful night, though it meant missing a Flans concert.

   I never made teacher of the month, but I cared. I grew to love and admire my students.

   Upon my return to the states I wrote several high-quality rock and roll songs that mention Mexico. Some of those songs, including “Hello Mexico,” I included among a set that I took in for an audition with a music producer this year. 

   But I have still more songs that I did not take in. That list includes “Four-Part Mexican Band,” about my adventures in and love for the city of Cuernavaca.

   After all that I would expect at least a little attention from south of the Rio Grande.  I mean I’m grateful that the cracker box says “saltine crackers” and “galletas de soda.” It helps me practice my Spanish, which I would like to improve.

   Doesn’t anybody there want to practice English by reading a humble blog once in a while?

   Hey, I’m a friend! I’m not one of these wall-building morons, why the silence Mexico?

   I’ve never been to, let alone worked in Romania, but I have 27 views from there.

   Just sayin’.

   You know I still have all my Flans tapes. I still thrill to the Fandango song “Autos, Moda y Rock and Roll.” And I just started a playlist of Mexican songs on my Amazon Echo Alexa device.

   I started the playlist because otherwise, to get Alexa to play my tunes, I would have to remember how to mispronounce the Spanish song titles the same way Alexa does.

   I must say I’m a little hurt that nobody in the whole country has ever read Page 7.    

   But happy birthday anyway, Mexico. No hard feelings.  I will still listen to The Grito tonight. I’ll find it somewhere on radio.

   For the rest of you who need this explanation, (which I do not!) here is the Wikipedia account of what The Grito is:

   “The cry of Dolores (Spanish Grito de Dolores) occurred in Dolores, Mexico on 16 September 1810, when Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang his church bell and gave the call to arms that triggered the Mexican War of Independence.”

   “Every year on the eve of Independence Day, the president of Mexico reenacts the cry from the balcony of the National Palace in Mexico City, while ringing the same bell Hidalgo used in 1810.”

   As President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rings in the holiday tonight, I will be there Mexico, count on me.

   Won’t you please be there for me too? Somebody, anybody?

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