Quibbles And Bits: Leftovers And Hoops

by Kevin Burton

   For most people, but not for me, today is Black Friday. To me it should be National Leftovers Day.

   There is a leftovers day, Nov. 29.  Leftovers Day should be a holiday falling on the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. If you are hosting you have your own leftovers. If you are visiting, most people send you home with leftovers.

   Does anybody cook on the Friday after Thanksgiving, or even that whole weekend?

   Well today on Page 7 we’re serving up quibbles and bits to go with the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Enjoy!…….

     How come I never hear so much about people having too much leftover ham after Thanksgiving? Is that because less ham is served or because people go for the ham rather than the turkey when both are served?…… 

   Apparently on Monday, somebody with CBS Sports made a disparaging remark about the Native American heritage of one of the Wichita State basketball players.

   I haven’t missed too many Wichita State games the last few years but I did miss that one because of work. Also, I always listen to Shocker radio, so I would not have heard whatever slur was used.  I saw a notice about this from the university on Facebook. Some Shocker fans were responding to it.

   According to those accounts, the player, Isaiah Poor Bear Chandler, took the high road in all of this and handled it with class.

   Some of the fans were irate, wanting the announcers to be fired. Some said everybody should get over it. Sensing that the discussion was turning into just another chapter of the great national divide, I clicked out of Facebook.

   Kind of shocking to still have announcers doing things that stupid.

   Today is also Native American Heritage Day. Too bad this is in the news in a negative way in Wichita…..

    Meanwhile I will probably be missing a few more WSU games. Only two of their players from last year returned to the team.  The stragglers they invited in are playing an athletic version of the land of misfit toys. There is no particular cohesion or continuity. They aren’t playing like a unit because they aren’t a unit. It’s not much fun tuning in. I’d almost rather spend those two hours working on my honey-do list from my wife Jeannette.


    Have you noticed how many NFL teams are wearing a single color this year?  Did you see the all-orange Denver Broncos Uniforms last week?  To Jeannette and me, most of these monochrome uniforms look like pajamas. Such a bad look. Is this something that the millennials have foisted upon the rest of us?…….

    Surely all Christmas music and decoration embargoes are off as of today, yes?  Anybody holding out until say, Dec. 1 to start playing Christmas music? 

   The people five or six houses north of us had their Christmas decorations up maybe three weeks ago. To let you know how overboard they go for Christmas, one of my drivers asked me if they were having a garage sale.

   A lot of years I forget to play Christmas music until just before the 25th and I feel cheated afterward.  Have to take care of business this year……

   My friend Angie used to buy a smallish present every month for some people and give it to them for Christmas. I think that was for her sisters.  The Black Friday retail bunch would really hate to hear that! Not sure if she’s still doing that.

   I just bought my first Christmas present Tuesday. I have regretted allowing myself to be sucked into the shopping frenzy for a while now. Last year it caused some real friction in my circles. Therefore, I am all the way out of that racket……

    In other Christmas news, we have nowhere to put the tree!  I mentioned earlier on Page 7 that first my mother, then Jeannette’s mother gave us furniture they could not use after they downsized. We have decided to keep most of it. We are holding some of it for my stepson and his family, until such time as they move and have the space to accept the furniture.

   So now the area where we usually put the Christmas tree is home to our second dining room table.  This could be the hot topic for discussion on the way home from our Thanksgiving visits this year… I think I have an idea that just, might, work….…

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