Little Susie Was Not That Kind Of Girl

by Kevin Burton

    “Wake Up Little Susie” by the Everly brothersis the focus of our usual Tuesday music post on Page 7.  

   This is my answer to the musical questions: What are we gonna tell your Mama? What are we gonna tell your Pa?

   In short, the truth shall set you free! Here goes:

Dear Mr. Overly,

   I want to again give my deepest sincere apology to you and Mrs. Overly for keeping Little Susie out until 4 a.m. Friday night.

   Again, this was not our intention, not something we did on purpose.

   It’s not surprising that I would be making this apology in writing as there was no opportunity for dialog on that night/morning. Your screaming and threats and Mrs. Overly’s crying are still ringing in my ears and will for some time.

   Let me assure you, Susie was never in any danger. 

    We were both horrified and ashamed for breaking curfew.  You could have seen it on our faces if not for your rage. That look can not be faked.  Perhaps Mrs. Overly saw it?

   You know me a little bit. This wasn’t my first date with Susie.  And of course you know Susie. We’re good kids.

   I just want you to know, nothing happened.

   Well, when I woke Susie up and told her what time it was, she said a bad word. But that’s the worst thing that happened.

   The movie was truly terrible.  But that’s only part of what made us fall asleep.  If it were just the movie, we might have stayed awake laughing at it, making fun of the actors, annoying the people in the cars around us.

   We’ve been working hard at school. Me with the football, Susie with her job at the bookstore. We were just tired and that movie didn’t help us stay awake.  It’s not a movie I would recommend.

  Looking back, it’s more than a little bit surprising that you didn’t call the police and have them out looking for us. Or maybe you did do that and they just didn’t find us at the drive-in. 

   That would have been a much better outcome: the police find us sleeping at the movies, wake us up, send us home and everybody has a good laugh.  Maybe then I would get the nickname “sleepy” instead of the one I got.

   I won’t mention the nickname I got as I am keen to have people forget it. 

   Sir, if Susie and I, or any kids, had those kind of intentions they would make absolutely sure to be home on time every time so as to cover their tracks.

   I understand that your mind would go there, had to go there. It is your job as a parent to protect Susie.

  Well in a way, in this dating thing, I am sort of applying for that job long term, protector of Susie.  Oh I know we’re very young and not anywhere close to being serious about marriage. But that is what dating is all about, getting to know someone seeing who gets along and who doesn’t.

   I see Susie at school but we avert our eyes. We’re doing what we can to repair our reputations. If people saw us together, they would talk. Boy would they talk.

   There’s an irony there too Mr. Overly. That’s about all the guys I know do is talk.  They do a lot more talking about sex than anything else.  They would never admit that, but it is absolutely true.

   I know I’ll not be allowed to take Susie out any more. 

  She’s a good girl, a smart girl and very pretty. She’ll probably be grounded for, oh about seven years or so, but she’ll be a good wife to someone, some day. And I hope you and Mrs. Overly can forgive me some day. As I said, we didn’t do this on purpose. Susie was never in any danger.

  But Mr. Overly, if Susie shows up in a Beatles song, now that’s where your worries truly begin.

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