Juneteenth, Facebook “Geniuses” And Trust

by Kevin Burton

   If you have ever spun an old-school non-digital radio dial tuner, you’ll be at home in this post.

   Imagine yourself tuning the dial, looking for music to groove on, political thoughts that agree with your own, a game of your favorite team or the weather report. 

   These are thoughts, unconnected from each other, possibly (but I hope not) unconnected from good reason.

   Start dialing, here goes….

   If the feds wanted to keep the new Juneteenth national holiday true to the spirit of the emancipation proclamation, they would make it a holiday that is declared but that nobody actually gets.

   See where I am going with this?

   The emancipation proclamation was great on paper and it obviously did a great deal of good. But inasmuch as it ever truly took effect, it immediately began to be eroded by people ignoring it or purposely misinterpreting it to their own advantage.

   So maybe I shouldn’t say nobody gets the holiday. Maybe people should get four or five paid hours off work instead of eight.  Or maybe it should be time off on a sliding scale, with those who need it most benefitting the least. 

   Yes, I am among the best when it comes to cynicism; first string all-conference….

   They say close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  I say close also counts in spell check.  If you get close enough to the spelling of a word, spell check will take you that last mile.  It’s the reason I can spell “labyrinthine.”

   It’s like thumbing a ride on that great literary highway, getting into the passenger seat, then checking in at your destination.

   In fifth grade we had a spelling bee every six weeks.  I won four of the six spelling bees, a girl won the other two.  I always felt like I was representing the boys in these contests……

    There are Facebook posts where you see for example, an entire screen of Xs and one A, and the caption says “only a genius can find the A.”

   I ask you, what sort of genius is going to sit there even for a second, looking for an A in a sea of Xs?  To what end exactly?……

    Here are two stories of money concerns winning out over Covid 19 concerns, first on a small, then a grand scale:

    A CVS employee was arrested last month after police said he stole and forged COVID-19 vaccination cards and sold them to children so they could attend school, according to published reports.

   Nassau County police in New York arrested Zachary Honig, 21, for stealing eight filled-out vaccination cards with the name section blank and 54 blank cards, which were found in his car, NBC New York reported.

   “They were taken…with the intent to share them with family members and friends, so that they could go into venues and possibly even use them at schools,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.

   Meanwhile the Olympic Games are on track to begin next month, despite heightened virus concerns.

   Julia MacFarlane of ABC News reported Thursday that “an overwhelming majority of the Japanese public just don’t want these games to go ahead right now,” amid rising Covid infection rates in Tokyo.  Some 10,000 volunteers have quit in protest. Yet International Olympic Committee officials arrived in Tokyo this week to prepare for the games, set to begin July 23

   Is it just me, or is there not very much buzz about the Olympics, virus or no virus?….

    The late former Secretary of State George Shultz, talking about foreign affairs said “Trust is the coin of the realm. Everything else is just details.” Who agrees with me that the same could be said for marriage and a lot of other things?…..

   I was surprised to find multiple sources reporting that 93 percent of Americans listen to the radio every week. That rate is higher than for television, using a smartphone, TV-connected device, tablet or PC.

   Sounds as if there still could be people out there grabbing random facts from the airways.  Thanks for tuning in to Page 7!

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