Hall Of Fame Arguments Always Fun

by Kevin Burton

   Came across one of those Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub articles recently. You know, the kind that argues such and such a band should be in.

   The various sports have these arguments too about their halls. These are always fun, lead to lively discussions.

    This one was on the website http://www.bestclassicbands.com.

   I went to the site to read “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: 100 Crucial Omissions,” read to the end and found out there was another one, “Rock Hall: 100 More Crucial Omissions.

  That right there stopped me short.  Two hundred more acts should be in?  That’s maybe too many. 

   Halls of fame have criteria on which they make their selections. But there are always unwritten biases that favor some and exclude others.

   Former Cincinnati shortstop Dave Concepcion, had he played on a New York team would be in the baseball hall of fame.  Hall voters will not say that on the record, but it is true.

   When we’re talking music and the Rock Hall, the bias is against soft rock, folk and other styles that wouldn’t be played on a “classic rock” station. 

   I’ve been to the Rock Hall twice and recommend it. I wouldn’t mind going again, although dear Lord if so, please let it be in the spring.  Last time I went there was in the dead of winter and that wind off Lake Erie like to froze me in my tracks!

   Part of me would like to jump into the arguments put forward in the two articles. But any rock hall that doesn’t include The Carpenters is defining “rock” in a way that I do not.

   So what’s the point of my getting all worked up really?  It’s somebody else’s argument. 

   In passing I will speak up for a handful who should be in, based on what I think the hall’s criteria is.

   Glenn Campbell was a member of The Wrecking Crew, a group of virtuoso musicians who did the studio work to support hundreds of top 40 hits.

   Campbell played on hits by Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Righteous Brothers, Lou Rawls, Nat King Cole and the Beach Boys to name just a few.

   Note to Hall voters, even if you’re not spinning “Southern Nights” or “Wichita Lineman” at home, Campbell should get in on his studio credits alone. 

   That’s the most egregious snub I saw. I could argue for Herman’s Hermits, Jim Croce, Blood Sweat and Tears, Carly Simon, but again, it’s someone else’s quarrel.

    One of the groups mentioned as hall-worthy in the articles was The Monkees.  No, no, no, no, no.

   Anyway, I’m starting my own hall of fame. If you know me a little bit, maybe you saw this one coming.

   Don’t we all do that sort of, based on what music we collect? But not everyone in my collection will make my Hall.

    I have my own criteria.  It could change over time, who knows. But how about this for starters?

   Did the act make me sing, make me think, make me feel, make me grow?

   Did they make me laugh, make me dance, make me remember, make me imitate?

   Did the Christian act make me reflect, make me pray, make me repent, make me worship?

   Saw the Christian group Phillips, Craig and Dean in concert once in Columbus, Ohio. They said they weren’t dancing they were “walking cool.”

   Did the act make me walk cool? 

   So I’ll be writing about inductees now and then on Tuesdays, which I will continue to dedicate to music as I did during the album challenge.

   How about “The Transistor Radio Hall of Fame” for a name? That speaks to old-school music without being specific to genre. If you think of a better name, let me know, maybe I’ll use it.

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