A Little Good News To Warm Your Heart

by Kevin Burton

   A Michigan seventh-grader steered his schoolmates and himself out of danger by taking the wheel of an out-of-control school bus.

   The story of Dillon Reeves’ quick thinking is one of two stories we present today from the Good News Network. There is abundant gloom and doom coming from news outlets. But there are still stories of good people doing good things in the world, including these:

  A seventh grader in Warren, Michigan is being hailed as a hero after his quick thinking averted a disaster aboard a school bus.

   Lois E. Carter Middle Schooler Dillon Reeves hurried to grab the steering wheel and slam on the brakes as the bus was veering towards oncoming traffic, moments after the bus driver began feeling light-headed and lost consciousness.

   Bus-mounted camera footage revealed the driver losing control, and Reeves jumping into action from a full five rows back, before shouting to his classmates to call 911 immediately.

  “I could not be prouder of his efforts,” said Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert Livernois. “He had the wherewithal to push it [the brake] slowly, likely in anticipation that the bus was full of passengers. It was an extraordinary act of courage and maturity.”

   After feeling lightheaded, the driver said on the intercom she was going to pull over for a moment, but never arrived at the pull-off area, and instead began to drift into the oncoming lane.

   Dillon’s mother Ireta Reeves was understandably beaming with pride while her son was honored at the news conference.

   “To do something like this, fills my heart, makes my heart skip a beat, to even watch that video again, I’m just… I can’t even express the proudness. I’m extremely proud of him.”

    The next Good News Network story is of a Mississippi teen who took action after three teenage girls drove into a river:

   The right place at the right time—that’s where 16-year-old Corion Evans was when a car full of three teenage girls drove into a river in Mississippi.

   Now hailed as a hero, the powerful young swimmer rescued all three girls plus a police officer who had jumped in to help, but ended up swallowing water.

    It was 2:30 a.m. on the I-10 boat ramp in Moss Point, Mississippi when, following their GPS, three teenage girls drove their car off a boat ramp and floated 25 yards out into the Pascagoula River before the car started sinking.

   They managed to get out of the car and onto the roof, according to ABC news. Evans heard them crying for help, and took off his shirt, shoes, and his left his phone behind him as he jumped into the water.

   “I was just like, ‘I can’t let none of these folks die,’” Evans, who said he had been a strong swimmer since age 3, told local news.” ‘They need to get out the water’. So, I just started getting them, I wasn’t even thinking about nothing else.”

   Moss Point Police Officer Gary Mercer arrived on the scene, and he too swam out to aid in the rescue.

  Evans’s friend Karen Bradley also jumped in, and as the rescuers were helping the victims to shore, the story took another unlucky turn. Denver news reported that Officer Mercer was too close to a struggling victim and was pushed under, where he inhaled water.

   “I turned around. I see the police officer,” Evans said. “He’s drowning. He’s going underwater, drowning, saying, ‘Help!” So, I went over there. I went and I grabbed the police officer and I’m like swimming him back until I feel I can walk.”

Evans and Bradley helped the three girls and officer to the shore, while describing the ordeal as very tiring.

   “The police department and I commend Mr. Evans’s bravery and selflessness he displayed by risking his own safety to help people in danger,” Moss Point Police Chief Brandon Ashley said in a statement. “If Mr. Evans had not assisted, it could have possibly turned out tragically instead of all occupants rescued safely.”

   All four are expected to make a full recovery. Evans and Officer Mercer afterwards were given certificates of commendation from the City of Moss Point.

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